Bolta performance – in numbers

The Bolta Werke performance data

As a partner for the automotive industry, our actions are driven by innovation – and a clear focus on the technology of tomorrow. Continuous development and improvement provides us with the basis to meet our customers’ highest requirements – and to repeatedly set new standards in our dynamic segment.


The most important equipment in the Bolta production system

  • 50+ injection molding machines with clamping forces between 50t and 2,700t
  • 2 plating lines with a capacity of over 9,000sqm chrome-plated surface per workday
  • Painting line, 1-layer coating, environmentally friendly carbon dioxide pre-cleaning, water-based and therefore environmentally friendly paints
  • Assembly of up to 50 individual components into integrated assembly parts
  • Laminating machines for the fully automated laminating of components

Production Output

Some key data on current capacities

  • Injection molding production: on average, more than 1,000,000 components are molded per week
  • Electroplating: 9,000sqm chrome-plated surface per working day
  • Coating: around 3,000 radiator grilles per working day
  • Laminating machine: up to 250,000 modules laminated per month
  • approximately 9,000 different components pass simultaneously through production


Employee Development

Bolta has around 3,200 employees worldwide, around 1,400 of which work at the headquarters in Diepersdorf. Around a quarter of these employees work in commercial functions, three quarters in production.

2007: 430 employees at the Diepersdorf site 

2014: 1,200 employees at the Diepersdorf site

2017: 1,400 employees at the Diepersdorf site

Recent innovations

Investing in especially economical and environmentally friendly processes is a clear company strategy – and at the same time an important success factor: Bolta produces state-of-the-art technology.


Bolta meets the same high quality, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability standards at all of its sites.

An overview of the most important standards:

Risk Management

The company aims to act in a value-oriented and sustainable way and to manage risks with particular care. The objective is to avoid and reduce risks – not just identify possible dangers, but also recognize potential opportunities.

Bolta operates a comprehensive risk management system:

  • internal inspections along the entire value chain
  • price hedging for raw materials
  • established supplier relationships
  • regular maintenance intervals for machines and equipment
  • use of alternative energies in order to remain independent from energy suppliers
  • risk identification and assessment


Safety Information for Nearby Residents

Please click here to review the file “Safety Information for Nearby Residents” in PDF format (German language only).