Forms of progress

At Bolta Werke, performance is in our genes.

Throughout the rich history of Bolta Werke, one thing has always remained the same: The idea of continuously creating something new out of plastic. Over the decades, Bolta Werke has developed into one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of surface-finished components. By concentrating on products for the automotive industry, we want to keep things moving in the future.

To be continued...


Plant founded by Johannes Bolten. It began in the buildings of the Hessemer toy factory in Nuremberg, with the production of combs out of aluminum, bakelite and rubber – later galalith, celluloid and ebonite.


Construction begins in Diepersdorf. This also marks the time that Bolta Werke began to specialize in surface-finished injection molded components for automobiles and sanitary facilities.


Bolta Werke GmbH is bought by the Puri family’s UK-based group. Production of chrome-plated components for sanitary facilities and coated plastic components for the video and hi-fi industry. The first small parts are created for the automotive industry.


Start of the joint venture NicroBolta S.A. de. C.V. A production system with the same level of vertical integration as in Germany opens in Puebla, Mexico: from now on, Bolta produces injection-molded and chrome-plated components for the automotive industry internationally.


A second plant in Diepersdorf opens up a new dimension in production and storage capacity; the injection-molding capacity is greatly expanded. With the commissioning of the new painting line in 2009, 3,000 radiator grilles a day are coated with state-of-the-art 1-layer-coating in stone grey and high-gloss black.


Electroplating capacity is comprehensively expanded. The second large electroplating plant, "PAUL", starts operation in the new production hall in Diepersdorf.


First Bolta site in North America. Bolta US, Inc. opens in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The plant offers the same level of vertical integration and the same product range as the German headquarters and the joint venture in Mexico – with the same production equipment for injection molding, chrome-plating, coating and assembly. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to offer our customers consistent quality worldwide.