Environmental protection at Bolta.

How we increase efficiency and conserve resources.

Bolta Werke products make our everyday lives more brilliant. This requires the use of energy and chemical processes. We are working continuously to reduce the company’s ecological footprint to a minimum. The use of the most environmentally friendly technology possible and the responsible use of natural resources are essential for this. We want to be better than even the strictest laws and standards require us to be – and we are making that a reality: For example by investing in the latest production equipment and processes, in an in-house gas line and our own co-generation unit – we achieve “excellent” environmental balance.

Sustainability in production and processes

Bolta is investing in equipment and production processes that are breaking all records in terms of efficiency and environmental impact.

In-house co-generation units

... cover around 41% of the electricity demand and 65% of the heat demand at Bolta Werke. In comparison to conventional processes, the highly-efficient and environmentally friendly Bolta power station with absorption cooling machines reduces CO2 emissions by over 12,000 tons annually – the equivalent of the emissions from around 1,190 two-person households per year.

Heat recovery

Heat recovery systems extract additional energy from the heat emitted in the production areas. This reduces emissions and conserves resources – using state-of-the-art technology.

In-house gas line

Part of our climate and energy strategy was to build an in-house gas line with a pressure regulator station. The clear objective was to completely stop using fuel oil across the whole company. An investment in clean energy on this scale is unique in Bavaria.

The overall result is nothing short of impressive. Using a combination of gas lines, co-generation unit and heat recovery, we aim to reduce our emissions by 20,000t of CO2 per year. A large step, by which we have drastically reduced our ecological footprint.

Certification in accordance with ISO 14001

Bolta Werke’s environmental management system is certified in accordance with the international ISO standard 14001. Legislation requires strict compliance with life cycle assessments and environmental indicators. In addition, we submit ourselves to yearly voluntary audits – and work continuously on innovations within the scope of environmental management.

Environmental guidelines

Economic growth must conserve resources and aid social progress. We are responsible for the economic performance and sustainable economic and environmental success of our company. As a medium-sized manufacturing company, Bolta Werke GmbH is conscious of it's responsibility to present and future generations. Each individual should contribute to the sustainability of our environment. It is for this reason that we have formulated the following guidelines that are binding for the company's daily operations and for all of our employees:

With the environmental guidelines adopted by management we are defining our environmental policies and committing ourselves to an integrated approach to environmental protection, which tackles the causes of environmental damage and assesses the impact of production processes and products on the environment and includes them in the corporate decision making process.

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