Management Policy

Management Policy of Bolta Werke GmbH

In keeping with our claim of providing “high performance surface technologies”, it is our corporate aim to provide our customers with high-quality products and services in the sphere of surface finishing for synthetic materials. As a renowned partner for car manufacturers our focus is on our customers and their satisfaction. Working with all our partners on the basis of trust and cooperation is an essential factor for the success of our company.

Economic growth must conserve resources and support social progress. We are responsible for our performance and for the success of our company. Our economic success on the global market is based on our ongoing commitment in the ecological, economic and social spheres. A global market encourages and requires compliance with global principles. This is why we have joined the UN Global Compact, the largest voluntary sustainability initiative in the world. The UN Global Compact defines ten universal principles relating to human rights, fair employment standards, environmental protection and combating corruption; we implement them in a consistent way and we encourage and require compliance with them from our partners.

We make sure that we fulfil our customers' requirements and other relevant, binding commitments as well as continuously improving our performance. In addition to economic criteria, this also includes criteria concerning occupational safety, health and safety, energy, information security, quality and the environment. For these purposes we pursue a zero-error strategy in all divisions of our company.

We work actively to achieve efficient and sustainable use of the resources available to us, for the protection of the environment and for the use of efficient machinery. In this process we avoid or minimize undesirable effects and problems for all relevant parties. Protection of our employees, service providers and visitors when work is carried out is a very important aim of the company.

Skilled and motivated employees are the most important resource and the basis of economic success, as well as an effective, integrated management system; it is only with the aid of these resources that we can fulfil the requirements presented to us. We encourage and require the training and initiative of our employees; this includes providing freedoms and working cooperatively. We make sure that the resources and information necessary for the success of our company are available to the employees who need them. In this way all our employees have an optimum working environment. Our managers lead by their example and conduct. All our employees are required to cooperate in the continual improvement of our operations in relation to quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency, information security and occupational safety as well as complying with and implementing the established rules of conduct.

We evaluate opportunities and risks and take them into account in all our decisions. We take into account the requirements and expectations of external and internal parties in this process. Data, documents and information require protection. We ensure their availability, confidentiality and integrity.

All employees are responsible for implementing this policy. In this way we make our contribution to the effectiveness of our management system and also to a fair, environmentally aware and caring society.

Diepersdorf, August 2017