This is how advanced products are made

Discover genuinely "unique" possibilities

Whether you choose tried-and-tested production processes or require completely new technical possibilities: we are here to help – and are always able to deliver solutions which satisfy your requirements. You will be assigned a personal project manager at Bolta who will deliver convincing expert solutions, ensuring that innovations lead to better results. And vast practical experience for creating your components. An advantage you will benefit you from the very first meeting.

Project management

Discover genuinely "unique" possibilities

Your personal project manager coordinates a team of experts for the new assignment. The new component will be created according to your design and your experts’ requirements. Precise timing, maximum quality – and cost certainty. We take care of every detail.



Using CAD data from your design, we can evaluate the product’s suitability for the chrome-plating or painting process. Our experts support your designers in choosing a design suitable for the chrome-plating process and present solutions for a stable series process – even at this early stage.


Moldflow analysis illustrates the filling process of plastic through the tool and so allows for the optimal positioning and design of the injection molding tool.


The plateability analysis shows the component during the electroplating process and provides information about the optimal positioning of the plating racks to achieve the best results. Presentation of the component in the chrome-plating process.

Quality control

(individual parts / assembled module)

  • detailed inspection of all individual parts before the assembly of the assembled modules


At Bolta, your product innovations become reality. Bolta sends you a realistic preview of the upcoming series production. From the precise shape to surface coating: An impressive three-dimensional prototype makes the technically possible a tangible reality.