Innovations in series

We give everything to provide your performance brilliant.

Currently, approximately 9,000 different components are in ongoing production at Bolta Werke. Every single one of these is 100% customized to meet the requirements of our customers. For us that means: Developing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions – for products of impressive durability, quality and economic efficiency. These qualities are generated through our production processes and equipment, which continue to present you with new possibilities. You have to stay ahead of the competitions – we support you.

Injection molding production

Well-designed, highly durable and economical down to the smallest detail: Components are produced with the highest precision thanks to high-performance injection molding and expertise. At Bolta, our machinery and our products are state-of-the art. Over 50 machines with a clamping force of 50t to 2,000t provide an impressive product range – from delicate brand logos for the interior, to large and particularly complex components. Of course, comprehensive function and performance tests come “as standard” of the production processes at Bolta.

“Today, there is no car in the world that does not have plastic components. Our components provide many famous automobile brands with their familiar faces.”


At the Diepersdorf site, approx. 9,000sqm of chrome-plated surface are produced every day – an area almost the size of a soccer field. The production sites in Mexico and the USA (in operation 2016) have the same capacity. State-of-the-art production allows a broad spectrum of options and designs. And when it comes to the size or shape of the components, we at Bolta can tackle almost any challenge. In-series inspections and constant production monitoring guarantee quality products of Bolta’s familiar high standard.

“We ensure brilliant achievements that are both visible and tangible.”


Paints - state of the art: At Bolta, we combine economy with ecology. With a modern automatic one-coat series varnishing machine, a wide variety of varnishes ranging from black high gloss to special metallic colors are applied both on a water and solvent basis. For this we use a wastewater-free carbon dioxide pre-cleaning. In this way, we achieve surfaces of the highest quality with an environmentally friendly process.

“We turn the technically possible (in relation to paint properties and geometry) into a brilliant reality.”


The modules produced at Bolta consist of over 50 individual components. All elements – from base supports to decorative trims and logos – are produced by Bolta and must pass through the individual quality gates of all production stages. In the end we have proof of the highest precision: During assembly the parts are all combined into one assembled module. Variety and innovation are the kind of challenges that we always like to take on.

“The perfect interaction of the individual components to form the finished component never fails to impress.”

<<< Copper foil / MID technology

The production of galvanic cooper foil (foil size between 18 µm - 100 µm) is pan-European unique. The foil with surface Treatment in tin, nickel, black osice and Gold will be used for MID-hot-stamping-Technology and we deliver to automotive, sensor, medical and housekeeping industry. The rear side Treatment of the cooper foil with patent Treatment surface creates extreme well adhesion on plastic.

MID-technology is a modern manufacturing process, combining and optimizing production of parts and hot-stamping-foil. it takes just a few working steps to gain parts with optimzed properties like oxidation protection, solderability and secure connection.

“With this process we are shaping the progress of modern production”



Here the focus is on perfect timing – and perfect implementation. Internal production logistics forward the necessary components to the next production step at the right time. To guarantee smooth operation with such a variety of components, we comply with strict internal requirements for packaging, storage and transport. It is well worth the effort. We offer precise just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery – direct to our customers’ assembly lines.

“Both internal and external logistics follow the same clear and high-quality standard: Bolta performance!”