Tangible quality. Measurable results.

Quality management at Bolta.

For us, above-average quality is the basic requirement for smooth operations and economically successful products. Our laboratory tests coatings using chemical and physical parameters. Our state-of-the-art quality management processes guarantee quality and precision in every step of production – down to the last micrometer.

It is well worth the effort: the results speak for themselves.

Quality down to the last micrometer:

In-series tests and inspection methods at Bolta

Microscopic testing

Basic procedure for coated surfaces is the inspection using a microscope. In the Bolta laboratory, we perform coating thickness measurements. The parameters used in the individual process steps are subject to constant monitoring.

Optical inspection systems

We are always focused on providing the highest precision. When the human eye reaches its limit, we turn to state-of-the-art video inspection systems.


The “salt spray test” simulates the corrosion process at an accelerated pace. Using this method we test the durability and quality of our surfaces.

Climatic exposure test cabinet

The components are tested for stability under defined temperature and moisture conditions.

3D measuring machines

Precision-processing is one of our key quality features. By using 3D technology to test our products, we guarantee the best possible accuracy.